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Spiral Curl
$80.00 USD

This hair is great for 3B-4A Textured Hair.
Beautiful clip in pieces.
Natural dark brown color.
Show off your natural beautiful lose kinky curly hair with our clip in pieces.
The hair comes in a Natural dark brown color.
You are able to color the hair.

Sets are available in different lengths:
12 inch - 14 inch - 16 inch - 18 inch - 22 inch - 24 inch

Each set has 8 Pieces.

Use 2 sets for a full head.
Use 3 sets for major volume!

Care & Maintenance of the hair is very important. Take care of this hair the same way you would take care of your own.

After shampooing and conditioning, dry it on low heat. You can use oil and leave in conditioner's.

Curly Hair is measured straight. So if you want long curls order longer lengths.

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